Tag: Wordpress

  • I appreciate feedback, but..

    I am really tired of deleting hundreds of spam comments every couple of days. While I have had a few posts generate some good feedback, generally, all I get is spam. It was not too bad until the last few months, when spam volume increased by an order of magnitude. I would rather not burn…

  • Mermaids!

    Whether it’s software, hardware, or real world construction, an architect’s life is about drawings. I am always on the lookout for new tools to make keeping diagrams and drawings up-to-date, and, well, I found a mermaid.

  • Adding a Little Style

    I jumped the gun on a code syntax highlighter plugin for Wordpress. I now know exactly how many posts I have with code blocks in them.

  • Streamlining my WordPress Install

    My professional change served as a catalyst for some personal change. Nothing drastic, just messing with this site a little.

  • Rollback saved my blog!

    As I was upgrading WordPress from 6.2.2 to 6.3.0, I ran into a spot of trouble. Thankfully, ArgoCD rollback was there to save me. It’s a minor upgrade… I use the Bitnami WordPress chart as the template source for Argo to deploy my blog to one of my Kubernetes clusters. Usually, an upgrade is literally…