Deprecating Microsoft Teams Notifications

My first “owned” open source project was a TeamCity plugin to send notifications to Microsoft Teams based on build notifications in Teamcity. It was based on a similar TeamCity plugin for Slack.

Why? Well, out of necessity. Professionally, we were migrating to using MS Teams, and we wanted functionality to post messages when builds failed/succeeded. So I copied the Slack notifier, made the requisite changes, and it worked well enough to publish. I even went the extra mile of adding some GitHub actions to build and deploy, so that I could fix dependabot security issues quickly.

The plugin is currently published in Jetbrains’ plugin repository.

The Sun Always Sets

Fast-forward 5 years: both professionally and personally I have moved towards Azure DevOps / GitHub Actions for building. Why? Well, the core of them is essentially the same, as Microsoft has melded them together. For open source projects in GitHub, it is a defacto standard, and for my lab instance of Azure DevOps, well, it makes transitioning lab work to professional recommendations much easier. But none of this uses TeamCity.

Additionally, I have spent the majority of my professional career in C/C++/C#. Java is not incredibly different at its core, but add in Maven, Spring, and the other tag-alongs that come with TeamCity plugin development, and I was well out of my league. And while I have expanded into the various Javascript languages and frameworks, I have never had a reason to dive into Java to learn.

So, with that, I am officially deprecating this plugin. Truthfully, I have not done much in the repository recently, so this should not be a surprise. However, I wanted to formally do this so that anyone who may want to take it over (or start over, if they so desire) can do so. I will gladly turn over ownership of the code to someone willing to spend their time to improve it.

To those who use the plugin: I appreciate all of the support from the community, and I apologize for not doing this sooner: perhaps someone will take the reins and bring the plugin up to the state it deserves.







2 responses to “Deprecating Microsoft Teams Notifications”

  1. Achille Avatar

    I am using MsTeams plugin 2.10.0 and I am not receiving notification from TeamCity when it fails. Is it because my plugin is outdated?

    1. Matt Avatar

      2.14.0 is the latest, I would update to that. As I mentioned, I’m no longer maintaining this plugin, so you might need to fork and update if something has changed in TC.