MMM-PrometheusAlerts: Display Alerts in Magic Mirror

I have had MagicMirror running for about a year now, and I love having it in my office. A quick glance gives my family and I a look at information that is relevant for the days ahead. As I continue my dive into Prometheus for monitoring, it occurred to me that I might be able to create a new module for displaying Prometheus Alerts.

Current State

Presently, my Magic Mirror configuration uses the following modules:

Creating the Prometheus Alerts module

In recent weeks, my experimentation with Mimir has lead me to write some alerts to keep tabs on things in my Kubernetes cluster and, well, the overall health of my systems. Currently, I have a personal Slack team with an alerts channel, and that has been working nicely. However, as I stared at my office panel, it occurred to me that there should be a way to gather these alerts and show them in Magic Mirror.

Since Grafana Mimir is Prometheus-compatible, I should be able to use the Prometheus APIs to get alert data. A quick Google search yielded the HTTP API for Prometheus.

With that in hand, I copied the StatusPage IO module’s code and got to work. In many ways, the Prometheus Alerts are simpler than Status Page, since it is a single collection of alerts with labels and annotations. So I stripped out some of the extra handling for Status Page Components, renamed a few things, and after some debugging, I have a pretty good MVP.

What’s next?

It’s pretty good, but not perfect. I started adding some issues to the GitHub repository for things like message templating and authentication, and when I get around to adding authentication to Grafana Mimir and Loki, well, I’ll probably need to update the module.

Watch the Github repository for changes!