Tech Tips – Upgrading your Argo cluster tools

Moving my home lab to GitOps and ArgoCD has been, well, nearly invisible now. With the build pipelines I have in place, I’m able to work on my home projects without much thought to deploying changes to my clusters.

My OCD, however, prevents me from running old versions. I really want to stay up-to-date when it comes to the tools I am using. This resulted in a periodic update of all of my Helm repositories to search for new versions.

After getting tired of this “search and replace,” I wrote a small Powershell script which automatically updates my local Helm repositories, and then searches through the current directory (recursively) for chart.yaml files. If there are dependencies in that Chart.yaml, it will upgrade them to the latest version and save the Chart.yaml file.

It does not, at the moment, automatically commit these changes, so I do have a manual step to confirm the upgrades. However, it is a much faster way to get changes staged for review and committing.



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