Aging into fun

It is obvious that my posts have been, well, tech-centric for the better part of the last year. I do my best to not post specifics about my kids because, well, their life is theirs to live, not mine to post. But I have to credit them with introducing me to an activity that keeps… Continue reading Aging into fun

Badges… We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

Well… Maybe we do. This is a quick plug (no reimbursement of any kind) for the folks over at, who make creating custom badges for readme files and websites an easy and fun task. A Quick Demo The badges above are generated from The first link looks like this: My Github username (spyder007)… Continue reading Badges… We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

Node_Modules is the new DLL hell… Change my mind.

All I wanted to do over the weekend was take a React 16 class library, copy it, strip out the components (leaving the webpack configuration intact), and upgrade components. To call it a nightmare is being nice. My advice to anyone is this: upgrade components one at a time, and test between each upgrade voraciously.… Continue reading Node_Modules is the new DLL hell… Change my mind.

Why I am deleting Facebook

This is extraordinarily random, but I thought it worth mentioning why I decided to finally request a full delete of my Facebook account.  The short answer:  I feel less connected when I am on it. The Why This was a fairly lengthy decision making process on my part, and there were a few big questions… Continue reading Why I am deleting Facebook

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Let’s try this again.

Throughout my professional career and personal life, I have made several attempts at “resolutions” to blog more.  I’ve gone through several iterations of software, including some home-grown solutions, then wordpress, then blogger/blogspot.  I’m back to WordPress hosted on a small server here at home. The goal of this whole endeavor is to document some of… Continue reading Let’s try this again.

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