A little open source contribution

The last month has been chock full of things I cannot really post about publicly, namely, performance reviews and security remediations. And while the work front has not been kind to public posts, I have taken some time to contribute back a bit more to the Magic Mirror project.

Making ToDo Better

Thomas Bachmann created MMM-MicrosoftToDo, a plugin for the Magic Mirror that pulls tasks from Microsoft’s ToDo application. Since I use that app for my day to day tasks, it would be nice to see my tasks up on the big screen, as it were.

Unfortunately, the plugin used the old beta version of the APIs, as well as the old request module, which has been deprecated. So I took the opportunity to fork the repo and make some changes. I submitted a pull request to the owner, hopefully it makes its way into the main plugin. But, for now, if you want my changes, check them out here.

Making StatusPage better

I also took the time to improve on my StatusPage plugin, adding the ability to ignore certain components and removing components from the list when they are a part of an incident. I also created a small enhancement list for some future use.

With the holidays and the rest of my “non-public” work taking up my time, I would not expect too much from me for the rest of the year. But I’ve been wrong before…