Node_Modules is the new DLL hell… Change my mind.

All I wanted to do over the weekend was take a React 16 class library, copy it, strip out the components (leaving the webpack configuration intact), and upgrade components.

To call it a nightmare is being nice. My advice to anyone is this: upgrade components one at a time, and test between each upgrade voraciously. Not just “oh, it installed,” but make sure everything is compatible with everything else.

I ran into at least three issues that were “this package relies on an older version of this other package, but you installed the newer package” or, even better, “this package relies on a version of a plugin package that is inconsistent with the core version of the plugin’s base package.” Note, that wasn’t the error, just my finding based on a tremendous amount of spelunking.

This morning, I literally gave up: I reverted back to a known set of working packages/versions, deleted node_modules, cleared my NPM cache, and started over.