Polyglot-on for Punishment

I apologize for the misplaced pun, but Polyglot has been something of a nemesis of mine over the last year or so. The journey started with my Chamberlain MyQ-compatible garage door and a desire to control it through my ISY. Long story short (see here and here for more details), running Polyglot on a docker image on my VM docker hosts is more of a challenge than I’m willing to tackle. Either it’s a networking issues between the container and the ISY or I’m doing something wrong, but in any case, I have resorted to running Polyglot on an extra Raspberry Pi that I have at home

Why the restart? Well, I recently renovated my master bathroom, and as part of that renovation i installed RGBW LED strips controlled by a MiLight controller. There is a node server for the MiLight WiFi box I purchased, so, in addition to the Insteon switches for the lights in that bathroom, I can now control the electronics in the bathroom through my ISY.

While it would be incredibly nice to have all this running in a docker container, I’m not at all upset that I got it running on the Pi. My next course of action will be to restart the development of my HA Kiosk app…. Yes, I know there are options for apps to control the ISY, but I want a truly customized HA experience, and for that, I’d like to write my own app.





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