At long last… new input devices

I have spent the better part of the last ten years using the Microsoft Wireless Natural 7000 keyboard and mouse… The only link I can find is to this Amazon listing, which is clearly inflating the price because it is no longer available.

I broke the keyboard about a year ago, so I substituted the most basic Logitech keyboard I could find. At the time, I was watching the Das Keyboard 5Q, and cannot count the number of times I clicked the pre-order button but didn’t go through with it. There was something about having flashy keys that I just could not justify.

So, I soldiered on with my Logitech keyboard and the Wireless Natural 7000 mouse. It has been showing signs of wear….

My old friend…

Notice the literal signs of wear on the mouse buttons and palm. I won’t even upload the picture of the bottom: the battery cover is broken and barely stays in place, and the feet are all but gone.

After some debate, I invested in two new input devices:

I have always liked the Das Keyboard models, but couldn’t justify the 5Q, especially since I realized that I don’t look at the keyboard enough to have keyboard notifications be useful. And while it still carries a high price point, I like the over-sized volume knob and USB 3.0 hub: it means I do not have to pull my laptop dock forward to find my side USB ports anymore.

As for the mouse, well, it is well worth the cost. I have only been using it for a few hours, but I already notice the difference in ease of manipulation. The horizontal scroll button and the gesture button are great for programming additional tasks, and the Options software from Logitech is easy to use.

So, my first few hours with the products have been great. We’ll see how the next few years go.