A blast from the past and a new path forward

Over the last few years, the pandemic has thrown my eldest son’s college search for a bit of a loop. It’s difficult to talk about visiting college campuses when colleges are just trying to figure out how to keep there current students in the classroom. With that in mind, much of his search has been… Continue reading A blast from the past and a new path forward

Work / Life Balance: A long-time remote worker’s perspective

Summertime brings with it some time off for travel and relaxation, coupled with meeting my standard role expectations. As I struggle with balancing my desire to perform the work I “normally” do with the desire to jump in the pool when it’s nice out, it occurs to me that “work / life balance” has received a lot of attention in the past year or so.

Getting organized with myAgile

Organization, prioritization, and execution are the keys to success.  Many of us work in positions where projects can run over extended periods, interruptions and distractions are frequent, and we are asked to juggle a variety of responsibilities and tasks.  However, no matter where you work, if you can get things done, you will be viewed… Continue reading Getting organized with myAgile